greenpac usa llc
environmentally sensitive packaging solutions


Greenpac USA was founded in the belief that the packaging industry must change to become a part of the solution to the abundance of packaging materials that are contributing to climate change across the globe.  Going green with your packaging not only helps the planet, it also reduces your bottom line packaging costs when done correctly.

Our principals have over 20 years experience in various sectors of the packaging industry.  Let us evaluate your current packaging and show you new approaches that can save substantial cost and lower your carbon footprint.

Our locations nationwide are strategically located to provide prompt service.  Our warehouses and
manufacturing facilities are situated to lower the greenhouse emissions & costs generated by excessive transportation.

Contact us for further information at (915) 526-3901 or
Local service provided by:
Greenpac West at (915) 525-0353 and Greenpac East at (915) 526-7487.

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